Alfred, Anna, Valdemar, Knud, Aage, Magda, Karen & Edith Gehrcke
Ruth, Aage, Eva, Pia, John and Børge.
Pia's baptising 1956.
Aage Gjerke, Benno Gjerke and Jens Ole Rosthøj, born Mortensen
Aage Gehrcke visiting Alfred in America.
He had decided to settle there, working with his brother, but due to the crisis re went back home to Denmark again.
Aage Gjerke with grandchild Vibeke at her baptisement april 12. 1964
Aage Kristian Gjerke and Louise (Visse) Mikkelsen
Aage Gjerke and Louise (Visse) Mikkelsen
Aage and Louise Gjerke ad their 25 year wedding aniversory in 1958
Aage and Louise Gjerke 1981
Louise Marie Gjerke and Aage Kristian Gjerke
Åges 75 års fødselsdag, bliver holdt hos Eva og Børge på Møn.
Eva, Pia, Jens Ole, Betty, Benno, Åge, Louise, Ruth, Børge.
Aage Kristian Gjerke og Jette???
Åge Gjerke, nr. 1 fra højre.
Arbejdsmænd laver jernbane.
Aage Kristian Gjerke's soldier papers from 1921
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Heinrich GehrckeAne

Johan GehrckeHansine Gehrcke

Aage Kristian Gjerke in America

Aage Gjerke


Born: Aage Gjerke, august 8. 1899 as Son of Johan Gehrcke and Hansine Gehrcke

Deciesed: juni 3. 1983

Married 09-27-1933 to Louise Gjerke, Skanderborg Rådhus

Born at Banegaardsvej, Skanderborg.

Aage began working at the age of 7 as a milk-boy.  Later, he had delivery jobs at several places. His education started at a private school for small children then continued at a community school in Skanderborg.

Aage also worked as a shoe-maker ‘Sole-peter’ and began training to be a bookbinder. At that time, the bookbinding trade was dying and he didn’t finish his training.

Considering the rampant unemployment situation and the fact his mother was widowed, Aage decided to emigrate to America. He planned to live with his sister, Anna (Gjerke) Christiansen, in South Dakota. Aage left for America in April of 1916.

When he left Denmark he didn’t speak a word of English but learned quickly after his arrival in America. Aage claimed he was never homesick for his native Denmark and he spent the next 5 years working as a farmer.

When America entered the war in Europe, Aage applied for enlistment in the military in October, 1918.  One month later the war ended and Aage was never inducted. Life in America was hard after the war and in 1921, Aage returned home to Denmark. Aage’s brother, Alfred, wrote and told Aage if he ever wanted to come back to America, all he needed to do was say when and his ticket would be paid for, but Aage remained in Denmark for the rest of his life.

After returning home, Aage became a bricklayer, first working for Johannes Jørgensen, then in Soeborghus for P. G. Pedersen, then for H. V. Mathiesen and finally for Aage Veener and Son, where he remained for many years.

Aage and his wife Louise (Visse) bought a old house in 1939.

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B. Benno Gjerke


01.Alfred Gierke
02.Anna Christensen
03.Valdemar Gehrcke
04.Knud Gehrcke
06.Magda Lindgreen
07.Karen Gehrcke
08.Edith Gehrcke


 Census, Yankton 1920
Folketælling 1906 (1)
Folketælling 1906 (2)
Folketælling 1916 (1)
Folketælling 1916 (2)
Aages departure from US


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