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Sigga Nora Hvidtfeldt Gehrcke
Viola Benedikte Lundberg
Olivia Benedikte Lundberg
Alfred Gehrcke Gundersen Lundberg


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Family reunion September 3. 2011.
Standing: Ib and Marianne, Sara and Casper, Anne and Steen, Jan and Via. Do not remember the names of Lone's two daughters! - next Tina Gehrcke.
Sitting: Finn, Hans, Poul-Henning, John and Lone Gehrcke Tenna Jensen, Jonas Jensen, Mikkel Jensen, Edel Christensen, Michael Gehrcke, Nanna Gehrcke, Kirsten Jensen, John Gehrcke, Henrik Bo Jensen, Lone Gehrcke, Kimmie Jensen, Sandra Gehrcke, Naja Gehrcke, Thomas Fredskov Dyreholt, Stephanie Gehrcke, Casper Jean Gehrcke, Sophie Gehrcke, Tina Gehrcke, Kimmie Gehrcke Easter gathering of the Gierke Family Alfred, Anna, Valdemar, Knud, Aage, Magda, Karen & Edith Gehrcke In back from left: Lennart, Kim, Karina, Hans, Irina og Jan Gehrcke.
In front: Maja, Gudrun og Anna Gehrcke.
Sitting: Finn Gehrcke Standing in the back, the sons: Kenneth, Earl, Darryl, William and Alfred Jr. Gierke
Sitting in front: Henry, Marthea and Alfred Sr. Gierke Carsten, Victor, Freja and Benjamin Oct. 2007 Lennart, Maja, Mads and Emma Gehrcke
Christmas Day 2007 John, Harald, Lillebror, Lis and Hans Gehrcke Oliver, Victor, Malthe, Emil og Freja. 11. aug. 2007 Ruth, Aage, Eva, Pia, John and Børge.
Pia's baptising 1956. Ruth Gjerke, Inge Lise, Louise, Christian, Jens Ole, Ketty, Ruth and Svend Erik at the farm. Christmas 2005
Benjamin Worsøe, Vibeke Gjerke Worsøe, Ruth Gjerke, Freja and Victor Gjerke Worsøe Benjamin, Victor and Freja Gjerke Worsøe on vacation in Croatia 2006. Klara, Kristian, Anna, Victor, Benjamin, Freja
Christmas 2007 Edith Gehrcke with children and grandchildren Chris,Susan,Kenneth,Uncle Darrell,Aunt Rose,and Mike May 2006
Vibeke Gjerke Worsøe, Victor, Benjamin and Freja visiting Benno Gjerke's grave Family reunion on September 3. 2011 
The three brothers Hans, Poul-Henning and John Gehrcke Approven change of family name from 'Gehrcke Pedersen' to 'Gehrcke' for Poul Henning, Harald Email, Erik and John Edvard.

We, Frederik the 9'th
Of Gods will, King of Denmark, de Venders and Goters.
Duke of Slesvig, Holstein, Stormarn, the Ditmarsk, Lauenburg and Oldenburg.
Hereby declair:
After humble given request we hereby grant that
(see name list above)
From now on can have the Family Name Gehrcke.
- page 2 -
Given in Copenhagen May 24. 1956
Under our Royal Seal
By the Kings demand
Finished through Skanderborg County
Free of Charge. Benno, Ruth and Victor Gjerke Alfred's three youngest sisters: Edith, Karen and Magda Gehrcke Aage Gjerke, Benno Gjerke and Jens Ole Rosthøj, born Mortensen Johan Henrik Peter Gehrcke (known as Hans) and Hansine Kristine Hansen Jens Ole Rosthøj, Pia Gjerke Hemmingsen, Eva Gjerke, Inge Lise and John Gjerke Hemmingsen, 1956.

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